Juliana do Amor Perdido | 1970

Sérgio Ricardo
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Sérgio Ricardo teamed up with filmmaker Roberto Santos (O Grande Momento) to write the screenplay for Juliana do Amor Perdido, a story of lyrical tragedy reminiscent of Dorival Caymmi’s music and Glauber Rocha’s Barravento. The fishermen of a seaside village are devoted to a local young woman who they think is a saint. They assume she is the one miraculously ensuring that they keep catching fish, oblivious to their own exploitation at the hands of the ruthless businessman who buys their fish and purposefully keeps the myth alive. The woman, Juliana, longs to escape. Every day she goes to the nearby railroad to greet the conductor of a train every time it passes by. One day, they fall in love and decide to flee. The film features beautiful songs composed again by Sérgio Ricardo, and fine performances by Maria do Rosário, Francisco di Franco and Antônio Pitanga.