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São Paulo-based Cinelimite Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to exhibiting, distributing, and digitizing repertory Brazilian Cinema.

There are countless pearls throughout Brazilian cinema history that are just waiting to be discovered by international audiences – our mission is to make that a reality. Cinelimite provides a free online platform for newly translated classic Brazilian films, while providing engaging supplementary material such as written and video essays, interviews, lists, and special live events.

Our Team

William Plotnick

Executive Director and Archivist / Diretor Executivo e Arquivista

Matheus Pestana

Associate Director / Diretor Associado

Gustavo Menezes

Lead Curator and Lead Translator / Curador Principal e Tradutor Principal

Laura Batitucci

Co-Director of IDFB and Lead Archivist / Co-Diretora da IDFB e Arquivista Principal

Glênis Cardoso

Editor-in-chief and Assistant Archivist / Editora-chefe e Arquivista Assistente