Paraíba, Vida e Morte de um Bandido I 1966

Victor Lima
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Paraíba, Vida e Morte de um Bandido (Lima, 1966) stars Jece Valadão as a ruthless criminal, part of a long string of similar roles throughout his career. Valadão also produced the film via his company Magnus Filmes, associated with producer Herbert Richers and director Victor Lima, both famous for their work in popular musical comedies known as chanchadas. Despite the background of Richers and Lima, Paraíba is an action-packed thriller that stands in direct contrast with the social analyses of contemporary Cinema Novo crime films. Paraíba follows the titular character as he remembers his criminal deeds while hiding in a steeple from the police. It features Jardel Filho, Milton Gonçalves and Darlene Glória.